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The reasons why quotes are lower than the normal price of the industry

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There are several reasons why quotes are lower than the normal price of the industry:

1. The factory does not rely on orders to make money.

They put the loan shark after receiving the customer's payment. So in order to raise as much money as possible in the short term, they will accept orders at a low price. Such factories usually default on the money of their suppliers. And the financial situation is very poor, and the risk of doing business with them is great.

2. The factory is a scammer who only does business once.

After receiving the money, either reduce the quantity when the goods are shipped, make up for the shortfall of the quotation, or send the defective products to the buyer. Anyway, after delivery, everything has nothing to do with them, no after-sales.

3. The factory treated the customer's payment as an interest-free loan.

He used a low price to let many buyers pay the deposit first, then the delivery period dragged on for a few months, and finally told the buyer that the goods could not be done, and then returned the money to the buyer. Generally speaking, such factories are not swindlers, but a hypocrite, they use other people's money without interest.

4. The factory cooperates with the prison, and the labor costs are negligible because the prisoners have basically no wages.

5. The factory happens to have orders cancelled by the customer, and another customer buys this thing.

6. Complete liar. It will disappear when the deposit is received.

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