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The history of Restaurant furniture

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Restaurant furniture is the product of human civilization and life practice, it continues to develop with the progress of human civilization and society, the following Fantian hardware take you to understand the history of restaurant furniture. According to the change of living conditions and the improvement of productivity, human beings constantly create new dining room furniture. Throughout the development history of restaurant furniture, architecture, sculpture, painting and other art forms of synchronous development, in the historical process, restaurant furniture technology, materials and technology in one, constantly reach new peaks. Restaurant furniture is the world of different countries, different historical period of culture and art, architectural style, aesthetic taste, lifestyle comprehensive embodiment.

According to statistical analysis by sociological experts, most members of society spend more than two-thirds of their lives in contact with dining room furniture. The design and manufacture of restaurant furnitureis closely related to human life, especially the main symbol of contemporary living standard and quality. Through the continuous coordinated development of people and restaurant furniture, people and the environment, will bring people into a new and better living space.

    Chinese traditional restaurant furniturehas a long history. Its appearance can be traced back to the Neolithic Age. From the Neolithic age to the Qin and Han dynasties, limited by culture and productivity, restaurant furnitureis relatively simple. People sit on the floor and the restaurant furnitureis low.

After northern and Southern dynasties, tall dining-room furniture is more gradually. To the Tang Dynasty, tall restaurant furniturebecame more and more popular, sitting on the floor and sitting on the feet of the two life style alternately rise and fall. To the Song Dynasty, the high restaurant furniturewith vertical feet was popular among people and became the main form of restaurant furniturefor People's Daily life and rest.

So far, the modelling of furniture of Dining-room of Chinese tradition wood, structure finalize the design basically. Since then, Chinese traditional restaurant furniture in the craft, modeling, structure, decoration and other aspects of gradually mature, to the Ming Dynasty and shine into a brilliant period, and occupy an important position in the history of the world restaurant furniture. Qing Dynasty restaurant furniturevolume increases, pay attention to carving and have a unique style.

At the beginning of the 20th century, due to the influence of foreign dining room furniture, there appeared the new restaurant furnituremade in western style. After 50's, Chinese restaurant furniture industry develops rapidly. In the 1980s, while drawing lessons from different restaurant furniture styles and advanced production technology, Chinese restaurant furniture constantly excavates traditional skills, and combines its own national conditions and folk customs, and gradually forms a new generation of restaurant furniture style.


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